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About us

Who we are

Dutch EdTech is a foundation founded by Peter van Sabben, Roel Bellinga and Ruben Nieuwenhuis, supported by more than 120 organisations all working on new solutions for the future of learning. Our headquarter is based on the Marineterrein, Amsterdam.

We connect the EdTech community, share insights and best practices, create an overview of the landscape and form consortia that focus on current concrete social challenges in the Netherlands.


Our mission is to optimise the launchpad, enabling Dutch EdTech entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on the education and learning sector for the next generations.

We join forces, by connecting the EdTech community, enabling public and private collaborations.

By being a united voice we are able to lobby, form consortia and organize international trade missions.

Together we focus on new methods, tools, skills and environments for education and learning in the 21st century.


Our purpose is to increase the learning capacity of the Netherlands significantly by creating a rich ecosystem of Dutch Edtech players.

We want to strengthen the Dutch position, attract talent and stimulate investments.

We strive to make the Netherlands a rich EdTech ecosystem by 2030, where companies are 100% more likely to succeed than in other tech capitals.

Lifelong learning should be accessible to everyone. We want to increase social impact and believe that EdTech can make education scalable, causing learning and education to be possible for everyone. As a result, equality of opportunity increases and education democratizes.

Our team

Jitske van Os

Managing Director
Dutch Edtech

Rüya Aysu Erdoğan

Community Manager
Dutch Edtech

Ewoud de Kok

Board Dutch Edtech
Founder FeedbackFruits

Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Board Dutch Edtech
Managing Partner TechGrounds

Linda Frietman

Board Dutch Edtech
Founder iamprogrez

Roel Bellinga

Board Dutch Edtech
Co-Founder itorium

Annet Kloprogge

Advisory Board Dutch Edtech
Business Developer ROM Utrecht Region

Jeroen Fransen

Advisory Board Dutch Edtech
CEO & Founder Revisely

Peter van Sabben

Advisory Board Dutch Edtech
CEO & Co-Founder Growth Tribe

What we do

We provide access to knowledge, network, talent and capital.

EdTech startups and innovative EdTech organizations are welcomed as a member for full access to knowledge, network and capital.

  • We connect the EdTech community, to exchange knowledge and link parties. This promotes collaboration, synergy.
  • We research EdTech in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide and share these insights through reports and newsletters.
    We organize (international) events and create podcasts to inform our community and get to know each other.
  • We form consortia around specific themes for knowledge sharing and research
  • We act as a united voice and focus on increasing attention and investment in the EdTech sector

We collaborate with government and policymakers, showing the importance of EdTech and connecting them to the current playing field:

  • We involve the government in the EdTech ecosystem, including some as a founding partner and support them in navigating the EdTech landscape. Understanding the playing field can be used to develop effective policy.
  • Through our research trends and opportunities emerge, giving insights in economical and societal focus areas
  • Together we can work on drawing up standardisations and ethical codes.
  • As the sector will grow, the Dutch position within EdTech will be strengthened, making this an attractive hub for companies and tech talent.

We show innovations to knowledge institutions and other traditional educators from the market

  • We connect traditional educators to the business to create private-public collaborations.
  • We encourage the embedding of digital learning methods and tools, as an enrichment for the curriculum and to unburden teachers.
  • We’ll engage teachers and inform them about new learning styles and methodologies.

We make an impact on society by providing opportunities for the EdTech field
to accelerate and stimulate collaborations:

  • This results in accessibility, equality of opportunity and a greater range of learning opportunities.
  • We inspire to engage in lifelong learning, and inform on possibilities.
  • By focusing on EdTech development, our society can better adapt to the changing demand from the labor market.
  • We bring supply and demand together from a marketplace concept.
  • Dutch innovation efforts will enable a more independent position, where we’re less reliant on other countries. It offers economic opportunities in addition.