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Why we're here

The Dutch Edtech Foundation aims to connect the fragmented education and learning sector and as such, stimulate acceleration of the EdTech field nationwide. We connect the EdTech community, share insights and best practices, create an overview of the landscape and form consortia that focus on current concrete social challenges in the Netherlands. We believe that collaboration in this sector can lead to a higher accessibility of lifelong learning, speeding up development of the EdTech field and improvement of a variety of social issues.

With 120+ members, active community management and the first reports in development, Dutch Edtech is the platform for working on the future of learning.

What We Do


— We collaborate

We join forces and enable synergy to mutually work on solutions needed within the emerging field of education and learning.


— We inform

We work on researches and share insights. This includes a platform to share knowledge, best practices and information


— We connect

We bring the fragmented education ecosystem together, involve the community and act as a liaison body (also linking public-private). 


— We lobby

We lobby to improve access to funding for innovations within learning and education.


— We create

We create newsletters, podcasts and organize events accustomed to the needs of our members. 


— We facilitate

We organize (international) trade missions and research consortia.

What people say about us

"A great group of pioneers. And finally the place in NL for EdTech insights and network opportunties"

"The future of learning is important for everybody. There is so much to improve and this community will accelerate the necessary change"

"Great to team up with people that are willing to transform traditional education and are capable to do this!"

Pim Bellinga

Co-Founder at Grasple

Roos Peters

General Manager at Codam College

Gijs Gootjes

Head of Organization & Strategy at Digital Society School

Thought Leaders of Dutch EdTech

Our curated lineup of thought leaders comprises visionary founders from innovative Dutch EdTech companies with 50+ dedicated employees, international operations spanning 2 countries or more, and a steadfast commitment to a ‘pay it forward’ mentality. Together, they represent excellence, innovation, and leadership in shaping the future of learning & education.

Our members

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Events & Programmes


Curated Founder dinner series


Connect with peers, learn from each other’s experiences, and potentially engage with an expert in the field.

Let us know which topic you’re most interested in discussing.


Bi-monthly | 18:00-21:30 | Member only