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Membership Agreement

Creating a sustainable Edtech ecosystem with Dutch Edtech

We believe that everything we do as an ecosystem comes with the responsibility to create a positive impact on people and society. But we can only achieve this if our members share our vision and commitment to building this ecosystem.

This membership is continued yearly unless cancelled. Yearly Dutch Edtech will assess if the fee needs to be adjusted based on the different membership packages and best fit for each member.

The Dutch Edtech membership principles:

As a member I agree to..

Conduct business lawfully and with integrity.

Promoting positive impacts on the Dutch Edtech environment and acting accordingly.

Being open to share contact information to create short moments of interaction in a respectful way in terms of time.

Offering access to internal and external reports and research whenever possible and suitable.

Working as a unified voice on standardization to help the industry.

Assisting in attracting talent.

By paying for the membership you agree to the membership principles.